Extended Life for Your Furniture

We are committed to giving you the protection you desire to extend the life of your home furnishings. We are determined to give you easy access to our unparalleled, professional services. We continue to provide value with our protection, reaching beyond the manufacturer's warranty. We offer you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your home furnishings with your family and friends.

Our furniture protection plans are extensive! All of our furniture warranties cover the common food and beverage stains. All warranties cover accidental burn and singe marks. That alone is great coverage! But within each warranty there is so much more! And check out our new mattress protector warranty.


These coverages are not offered on all plans. Ask your sales associate for details about the specific coverage for your purchase. Coverage includes the following items from a single incident:


  • Household food and beverage stains
  • Stains from human and pet saliva, urine, stomach fluid, or blood
  • Accidental burn or singe marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat
  • Accidental ballpoint pen ink, wax crayon, facial cosmetics, nail polish, or nail polish remover
  • Color transfer from denim jeans or newspaper
  • Accidental puncture, cut, tear or rip
  • Cracking or peeling of top-grain leather in seating areas
  • Cracking or peeling of all leather and vinyl in non-seating areas
  • Breakage of frames, panels, or springs; breakage of mechanisms including sleeper mechanisms, reclining mechanisms, heating, power, and vibrating mechanisms will be covered only upon the expiration and may not be used instead of manufacturer’s warranty


  • Household food and beverage
  • Accidental singe or heat marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat
  • Fading from sun exposure
  • Accidental damage from fingernail polish or fingernail polish remover
  • Failure of assembled joints
  • Water or household beverage marks, stains or rings
  • Accidental scratches penetrating through the topcoat finish
  • Accidental dents gouge or chipping penetrating through the topcoat finish
  • Peeling of the finish of solid wood or veneer surfaces


  • Food and beverage stains, including gum
  • Human body and pet fluids (except perspiration, body and hair oil)
  • Accidental puncture, cut, tear or rip
  • Accidental burn or singe marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat
  • Cosmetics
  • Suntan oil/lotion
  • Bleach & caustic solutions
  • Ink, markers, and dye
  • Breakage of glass tabletops, welds, or umbrella mechanism 


  • General accumulation is soiling, odors, unknown stains, color loss, fading, normal wear and tear, no colorfast material.
  • Seam slippage/separation or lost of cushion resiliency.
  • Damage occurring before or during delivery, while furniture is in transit or storage, or during assembly.
  • Damage from accumulation, neglect, or misuse.
  • Intentional physical damage, animal and insect infestation, pet damage other than those specifically stated in the plan, acts of nature, fire, burglary, theft, vandalism, collision, or corrosion.